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Thoughts for Wednesday 3-10-21

Finish the sentence, “God is ______.” 


What came to mind first? It may vary depending upon what is going on in one’s life, but I expect that a healthy majority will finish the sentence with either “love” or “strength.” Bot of those things are true unless they so overwhelm all other descriptions of God that we are not capable of accepting the other descriptions of Him.  


It is entirely possible for a truth to become a lie when it becomes the only truth allowed. When one attribute or issue becomes THE attribute or issue through which all others are passed our vision and understanding will be deformed. The beauty and power of God’s love and salvation cannot be understood or appreciated without a healthy understanding of God’s judgment and power to destroy. 


Our God is _________? “A consuming fire.” “A righteous judge” “Light” “Dwells is deep darkness” “Good” “Will not be mocked” Just to remind us of a few. This has profound effects on how we engage each other and the world. It also sets us up for God to be a great disappointment to us. Not because of who He is . . . but because we refuse to see Him in all of his awesome power and complexity. 



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